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Dolphin (profile)

Our 85 page Brochure of Wooden Boat Design contains 24 designs for rowing, sailing and power boats (including the "Little Gem") and have been developed for the amateur and first-time builder in mind.

Plans consist of scale black line drawings on large sheets (usually 24" x 36") and show each boat in profile, arrangement and construction drawings. Tools needed are a few hand tools and access to a band saw and table saw. Cost to build a l5’ boat ranges usually between $500 - $900.

Dolphin (top)

Included in the brochure are the easy-to-build and seaworthy "Nez Perce" 13’,16’and 19’ planing power boats, the 15’ "Winter Hawk" sailboat, the tape seam "Rainbow" flyfishing pram, several dories and dory skiffs and a cradle boat.

The Brochure of Wooden Boat Design costs $12.00 US & Canada ; $16.00 overseas.