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  Agate Tender - built 1/2
    scale as a “cradle boat”
Billy Mink - built by Pete Malvey     Chica - built by Greg Jipson
          Chica - built by Arty Soloman, photos by L. Soloman          Chico
Dolphin         Father Joe - modified (widened)
by builder
               Gemini Kahneeta - built by George Boehmler     Mirage
Nez Perce 19 - built by David Sands
& William R “Rusty’ Nichols
          Nez Perce 19 - build and
          photo by Richard Ward
      Nez Perce 16 - built by
      Jim Prosser
Nez Perce 16 - built by Byron Sumral Nez Perce 13 - Hull #1 after restoration
- photo by Greg MacDonald
    S-15 - built by Art Kleiner,
photo by Paula Kleiner
        Winter Hawk - built by R.D. & Lawana Watters         Little Gem
Shadow - built as a rowboat